About Me

Award-nominated musician and composer with over 20 years’ experience. In the past mainly on stage as lead guitarist with various ensembles. Nowadays writing and composing original music for film and TV. Recording, producing, arranging and mixing to the highest quality sound in my own recording studio. Multi-instrumentalist, highly creative, versatile, and open to all genres and styles, I approach every new project with utmost sensitivity.

Some Highlights From My Film & TV Work

Good Morning Son / בוקר טוב ילד 

Written and directed by Sharon Bar-Ziv. Good Morning Son premiered at the 2018 Haifa Film Festival, screened in film festivals in London, Paris and LA, and won a special German Cinema Owners Award in the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival.

Good Morning Son poster.png

Omri, a young soldier, was injured in a military operation. His loving family and loyal friends are fighting to bring him back to life. They all go through emotional, funny and human moments which connect them to Omri and to each other.

Produced by: Marek Rozenbaum, Michael Rozenbaum, Jonathan Rozenbaum,Transfax Film Productions

Cast: Keren Mor, Sharon Bar Ziv, Aviv Elkabets, Hadar Baruch, Asia Neifeld
Sound design: Michael Goorevich
Editing: Eva Kaplun

בוקר טוב ילד הוא חזרה אל הישראליות

בוקר טוב ילד – האופטימיות של הכאב, 9 בסולם אורשר

בוקר טוב ילד הוא סרט ישראלי מרשים במיוחד

The Writer- original music

The Writer / התסריטאי (TV Drama, 2015)

Written by Sayed Kashua and directed by Shay Capon. The Writer screened at the Special Series Selection, Berlinale 2016 and was nominated for Best Non-English Language Drama Series at C21 International Drama Awards.











A story of a man trying to rewrite his life. The Writer is an auto fictional series centering on Kashua’s fictional self, Kateb, an Arab Palestinian living in Israel and struggling with an identity crisis which affects his and his family’s sense of belonging and nationality.

Produced by: Dori Media Paran for Keshet Broadcasting and IBA

Cast: Yousef Sweid, Ruba Blal, Shay Capon, Eran Zarahovitsh
Editing: Michal Cohen, Itai Onik

Watch The Writer on Netflix

התסריטאי של סייד קשוע נוטה לשלמות

עשרים הסדרות הישראליות הטובות ביותר

Third Person - original music

Third Person / גוף שלישי (Documentary Film, 2015)

Directed by Sharon Luzon. Third Person premiered at the DocAviv 2015 Film Festival and screened in various film festivals in the U.S., UK, Germany and others. My soundtrack was nominated for an award for "Best Original Music" by The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum. 





Suzan, an Arab Israeli woman, must reshape her identity when she discovers at 35 that she was born intersex - with both male and female genitalia. At five months old, Susan's parents decided that she would undergo surgery to be assigned a female gender.

Produced by: Aurit Zamir, Yoav Roeh, Gum Films 

Sound design: Michael Emet
Editing: Gilad Inbar

Poli / פולי 

Written and directed by Daphna Levin. Poli was created as part of a special series of short films about life during the Corona crisis.

A woman wanders the building, trying to find the source of a noise bothering her. She gets locked in her elderly neighbor's apartment...


Produced by: Milky Shnayder, Kastina Productions

Cast: Ofri Prishkolnik, Ruth Farhi
Editing: Ilana Reina

Drive (Disney, India 2018)

Written and Directed By Aditya Pamnani







Nothing is what it seems. Drive is the story of two strangers whose lives intersect on a quiet night as they end up going on a long drive.


Produced by: Eu4ic Entertainments

Cast: Gourish Yeleti, Aditya Pamnani, Drishika Chander

Editing: Rahul Bhupat

The Neighbors' Dog / כלב 

The official winner of Cine Fantástico de la Costa del Sol.

Directed by Jonathan Ofek. 

פוסטר כלב.jpg
Supporting Role

Supporting Role / תפקיד משנה 

Written and Directed by Nir Guilat. Supporting Role premiered at the 2018 Haifa Film Festival and won 'Best Comedy' at the 2019 New York City Short Film Festival. Watch the film here (desktop only).

Produced by: Maya Foguel, Karin Siklay

Cast: Gefen Ganani, Shachar Netz

Editing: Yuval Nitzan


Directed by Yuval Nitzan. 

Before I Go

Before I Go (Australia 2019)

Written and animated by Sky Nguyen. 

Code 57 

Written and Directed by Merav Urman. In post production.

Code 57 - Roy Klener
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A Promise

Directed by Harry Haroon. Written by Natasha Jones. 

A Promise - original music